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Campus Safety

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At DCCC, we’re committed to student safety, and we encourage all members of the DCCC community to report safety concerns. Remember, in the event of a sudden and dangerous situation, call 911 first.

DCCC Safety Practices

At DCCC, we encourage all students to commit to safe practices. These include:

  • Walking around campus in groups, particularly during evening hours
  • Locking your vehicle
  • Varying your routine from time to time. This may include parking in a different place each week, taking a different route to class each week, etc.
  • Being aware of your surroundings

Safety Preparedness

  • DCCC is committed to providing a safe learning environment for its students. While it’s not always possible to predict and prevent some emergency situations, we are prepared to manage sudden emergencies, and the College has taken the following steps:
    Crisis Response Teams – Teams of College faculty and staff for the Davie and Davidson campuses have been formed to manage a crisis.  Members of both teams will participate in National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) training in 2008-2009.
  • Behavioral Intervention Team – The purpose of this team is to assess a reported concern for campus safety.  The team’s goal is to address concerns as early as possible and offer needed assistance to students in distress. Make referral to BIT through Behavioral Incident Report on College website for a response plan.
  • Preparedness Drills – Both the Crisis Response and Behavioral Intervention Team have engaged in drills to practice responding to a safety concern or emergency and will continue to do so each year.
  • Mass Notification System  Calls to 911 emergency are automatically routed to Davidson and Davie county first responders, and the campus phone extension and building location are automatically identified in the call.
  • All employees have an emergency response guide in their offices to assist with managing an emergency. In the event of a serious campus emergency, the College’s website will be preempted with an emergency message notification, and a voice message will be recorded on the main telephone line.
  • The College is currently researching how to implement a mass notification system.  Most systems send emergency messages through text, voice, and e-mail simultaneously at minimal cost to students, faculty, and staff.

Campus Crime Statistics

View our Annual Security & Safety Report

Safety Contacts

All Campuses

Emergency: 911
Campus Emergency: ext. 6777 or 911
Confidential Crime Line: ext. 6811

Davidson Campus

Resource Officers: ext. 6729
Security: ext. 6274 / 336.240.4215
Switchboard: ext. 0
Disability Services: ext. 6342
Conduct Officers: ext. 6355 / 336.479.0157 OR ext. 6351 / 336.479.0282

Davie Campus

Resource Officer: ext. 4857 / 336.477.4085
Security: ext. 4861 / 336.479.0204
Director, Student Services: ext. 6130
Associate Dean, Academics: ext. 6303
Dean, Davie: ext. 4840